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Garrett Murray
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So how do we break it to your friends, neighbors or even a family member that you are a Prepper? I myself being a long time Prepper has found it very difficult to get it through my spouse’s head that something bad could happen in the next few years that could cost us our life’s if we didn't make preparations now.

I think before you come to the table with your "coming out of the closet" speech you need to have a few things with you to back your information up. Be prepared to be looked at strange or called a tin foil wearing conspiracy theory nut.

1. Print out or have web sites up of government sites like FEMA stating you should have a short term food supply stocked up and other survival means stocked up as well.

2. Have evidence of past events that justify your actions. Below is a link that has just about every disaster that happened in 2011.

3. Show supporting evidence of economic disaster that may be coming and the out of control Government. NDAA, FEMA Camps, Homeland Security labels, Federal Reserve out of control spending, Europe and Greece financial turmoil, Riots in about every country and the down grade of our status. Explain to your spouse your concerns of what you see are only the beginning of what could come.

4. DONT talk about Dec 21, 2012 or the Mayan calendar no matter how much you believe in it. Even though reading scripture from the bible may back most of your claims it may not hold water once they use the line, no man will ever know the hour or day He will return. This tactic will only label you as a nut job and you will end up seeing a Doctor.

5. Don’t go into the cosmos and start talking about solar flares or other distant planets crashing into the earth. This will not impress your friends or spouse. They will most likely say you can't do anything about it so why bother prepping.

Now I have dealt with my fair share of non-preppers and most I know won't budge on the idea of prepping. It’s best to feel them out first before opening the can of worms and letting the contents spill out. Ask them simple questions like hey, what do you think about the economic situation our nation is in? If they find it in shambles like I do ask, what do you think people should do to prepare for it? From here if you get the answers you are looking for you can start opening up and explaining what steps you are taking to secure your future.

Explain to your friends or spouse that simply saving money will not solve a thing if the economy collapse or inflation turns that into useless pieces of paper. Explain the steps they need to take in order to secure their future. Get them connected with the Prepper communities on line so that they can start working towards self sufficiency.

Doing so only ensures after the SHTF people aren't going to be knocking down your door looking for help.

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