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Sliver and Gold

Posted by Garrett Murray on December 10, 2013 at 2:10 PM

So you have most likely heard this as well, "You can't eat Silver or Gold". What is it that people fear about stocking up on Silver and Gold? You are correct you can't eat precious metals, but it trades very well and has for over 5000 years. Out of any currency Gold and Silver has out lasted every other currency known to man. Let me put it to you this way. You need a new generator. The person who has a generator that is willing to part with it needs 200lbs of rice. If you do not have that rice, most likely you are not walking away with a generator and that person goes without rice. So what do we do? Is that man going to lug a generator around in order to find 200lbs of rice? Are you going to go running around trying to find someone with rice that is willing to barter with you for something you have? Not likely. This is where gold and silver come in to play. Like the currency we currently trust we use that to buy items and we sell our goods with the same expectations. So if you are stocking up a ton of alcohal or toilet paper in hopes that you will be the only person with it, pray you are right and don't get upset when people don't offer you as much as you expect for your bartering items.

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