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Put your heart into it.

Posted by Garrett Murray on May 23, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Next time you are at the range I want you to drop and give me 20 before firing down range! No I am not your drill sergeant here to torment you. I am getting you prepared for reality. When have you ever seen or heard of anyone being calm in the middle of a shootout? Whose heart isn’t pounding out there chest while the beads of sweat form over there eye brows? Training should simulate as closely as possible the situation you may be in when you have to use a gun. If you wear glasses, try firing without them (be safe when attempting to do so). Run in place for a minute before grabbing your gun and taking aim. Attempt to get your breathing under control as quickly as possible. Focus your mind on your heart beating and regulating your breath. If you can’t do this you better hope you find yourself in a fire fight while laying on the couch or sitting at the table. If you are not prepared for any situation you need to start conditioning yourself today. Running daily, sit-ups, pushups and pull ups are some great simple things you can do to start conditioning your body for just about any situation you may find yourself in.

Shooting your reserve stock

Posted by Garrett Murray on May 23, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Why is it important to shoot your reserve stock ammo? You know that ammo you have set aside, that really expensive 25 dollar for 25 round box of hollow point. Why am I telling you it’s important to shoot that at the range when FMJ is so much cheaper? It all has to do with getting use to your rounds. Yes by all means shoot the ball training rounds for practice but also pull out a box of reserve stock and give it a try every once in a while. You will be surprised on how different the two rounds fire. It also gives you an idea if your gun works well with the round or if you need to purchase a different brand. So open the pocket book and give in and fire the top shelf brand at least once a year.